Thursday, June 28, 2012

Petite Fashion Challenge #17

Candy Colorized
This month's challenge is hosted by SewPetiteGal.

The challenge:
Take a bowl full of colorful candies (M&Ms, Jolly Ranchers, jelly beans, etc.), close your eyes, and draw 2-3 pieces.  Now use those colors (+ a neutral of your choosing) to form the basis for your ensemble.
The candy:
I am more of a chocolate girl so I had to stock up on candy for this challenge and was happy to renew my Jelly Belly fever. 
Candy in Hermès twilly boxes
For chances of bolder color I chose different Jelly Belly bags and Skittles before picking one candy from each container.

The random selection:
The challenge was to draw 2-3 candy pieces to mix with a neutral of your choice with extra cool points if you did a DIY element. I chose 4 candies plus a neutral, so brace yourself...

The color comparison:
Check out the candies with the colors they inspired:


The outfit:
...Tadaa! I think that describing my outfit would make it seem crazier than it looks. 

Does your work wardrobe reflect that the world is full of color

Depending on the work environment and dress code, I could definitely see myself wearing an outfit like this to work beyond Easter office attire. Why? The silhouette works. If you imagine this look in a grayscale, you can see the shapes are office appropriate.

The neutral:
Yes, I went with a cobalt blue as my neutral shade. Usually a navy is more of a neutral but with this rainbow outfit I think a cooler shade of blue might just draw more attention. Although adding this blue to my already colorful outfit might seem like overkill, I think it works!

Passion tea lemonade, yum!

Outfit details:
Amrita Singh necklace, J Crew dress, J Crew flats
Chanel purse, Mango sweater, Hermès twilly, Rolex
Some ways to wear a twilly scarf: 

as a bow on your head or tied on your wrist:

alone as a belt:

A single one as a belt and a second tied as a bow:

I love that this dress has pockets!! The fit got a little loose throughout the day so I am not happy about the fit in these pictures. Still, thank you for letting me share. 

♥ Thanks for reading and supporting my blog! 


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