Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to Buy a Men’s Custom Suit

There are a lot of organizations today that are promoting some good suits online. These firms are earning certain the very best of their items are going on their website on the market today. This kind of means have online the very best of the products online. If you are looking to purchase a good suit inside a not much time then this best spot to consider you might be online. This will help to make certain that you will find the best suits available to you you can get inside a short period of time. There is however several factors you need to be vary away from when you are deciding on your suit online. Buying a suit online is not going to constantly guarantee the finest buy if you aren't careful. So that you need to be conscious of the main points that will inform you things know about watch out for while you are buy suits online.

A good and quietly classy pink shirts for men can be put on in numerous events. As opposed to plain, sound color shirts, it has the uniqueness connected with twill jacquard cotton twill material, rendering it glossy and smooth.This particular lighting pink shirt sends out the tactile impact along with a three-dimensional experiencing. It is usually matched which has a diverse silk tie, avoiding your own sound color suits coming from searching as well boring along with regular.

The sunshine purple stripes of the navy pinstripe suit make the suit look stunningly formal. The intense up and down stripes extend the body line, producing the actual wearer appear high as well as well-built. This kind of mens formal suit delivers beauty, this means you will become used in a variety of instances, including business meetings as well as travels. You should definitely reserve a place for it within your wardrobe.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bonus Rating

Online Casino with Wireless Connection

Several customers on the web developing a fun time actively playing in online casino. Most of these Web gambling websites let gamers to experience within live competitors towards other players across the World Wide Web for money funds.

Once the rise in popularity of the web poker sites as well as gambling houses has been recorded, consumers came from worldwide to experience within Bonus Rating for all those means of boundaries with no restrict participate in. Using this type of overpowering glut associated with on-line poker room participants, there'd effortlessly be a house for many methods of adjustments and strange designs that might permit on-line poker place and internet casino players to play whenever you can.

In spite of all these untamed styles and concepts, this is a simple matter to only get a laptop or mobile phone. The concept of mobile casinos revolutionized the way the average gambler enjoyed his or her entertainment. With present day wireless Internet possibilities, an individual can stay attached in many different ways.

To start with, new services through manufacturers like Verizon prepaid allow without layovers interaction relating to the web as well as the customers PC via a Wi-Fi cards, coLinkmparable to any PCMCIA cards, a regular attachment in different mobile computer.

Another option could be the all-pervasive Wireless connections which are identified all through metropolitan areas inside areas such as eating places along with cafes. These Wireless hot spots are very thorough and held an eye on online simply by enthusiasts and will be utilized to provide free Internet in case you have any Wi-Fi greeting card connected and empowered on their own notebook.

Nowadays, many cellular phones possess built-in modems which enable it to hook up laptop computers online, although at extremely gradual rates of speed. So don't forget, click here for free slots to start playing casino online.

Mobile Casinos

Mobile CasinosMobile Casino Gambling

Mobile gambling to learn online casino like blackjack, video poker, as well as online slots has been a welcomed story idea inside gambling establishment gaming planet. You should definitely give consideration to this selection and get the newest modern technology so you can get pleasure from Mobile Casino everywhere. Online casinos have permitted gamers to try out and never having to professionally go out to an actual gambling establishment sufficient reason for mobile phone casino applications anyone can carry the particular casino together with you wherever you're going. Of course, so that you can take part in the gadgets need to be right. It is essential that you ultimately choose the ideal mobile device regarding internet casino game playing it to be productive.

Unless you just like the initial web site a person identify no problem. Keep in mind you don't need to begin using the very first mobile casino you discover. Much like there are lots of online casinos out there, you will find a great deal of mobile casino list too. The first mobile casino application you see might not be usually the one you would rather employ. Search everywhere and soon you identify one which you might be very pleased with and it is ideal for your mobile phone.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Fashion Clothes

Summer fashion clothes are the bottom of your own attractiveness which you try and acquire. Occasionally you get rid of your current beauty once you never look after those elements which perform a vital role to offer a beautiful seem. The reason is that manner seems beautiful according to months. Diverse conditions demand different styles of fashion. The fashion that you simply used in summer, is not found in winter months and the trend that you used in wintertime, can't be employed in summer time. Each of the seasons demand a variety of components to use for a fashion for that reason fashion relates to the time of year.

Summer fashion clothes need variations regarding models, colors, corresponding as well as regular sewing. Mostly gentle colors suit inside summer time since darkish colors vibrate the eyes and also one other reason is dark color soaks up the heat regarding sun's rays and clothes turn into scorching and also sweating start whilst lighting color soaks in no high temperature as well as will keep your body cool. Pink coloration clothes are loved given that they provide a all-natural look to make your own character appealing. Purple color clothes are liked to make a great compare along with bright as well as sea-green color. The mixture involving tomato color using the aqua green color boosts the splendor which in turn generates an attraction. Distinction with the mango coloration using crimson as well as natural shade drives the people. Remember the trend in fact depends upon the nice corresponding and very good contrasting however it must be attractive.

Summer fashion clothes are developed in a selected means simply because generally summer time fashion clothing is sleeveless and often half-sleeves. Sleeveless and also half-sleeve clothing is considered as identification associated with summer fashion. Corresponding and also contrasting tend to be appreciated a lot within summer fashion clothing since lighting hues provide a cool if they are witnessed of course, if they are utilized in a very lovely complementing or perhaps in contrast to then they improve the elegance and look of fashion. Summer fashion clothes are comprised in mild fashions however they offer a appeal as a totally popular gown. Shortcuts styles and designs of clothes are mainly appealing inside summer months because according to time of year you peer very good for that reason anyone drives to view your appropriate outfitting. At nighttime people clothing which are consisted in much more breaks go well with you best compared to those clothing that you simply use inside morning. Constantly you ought to be much more receptive in those days when you visit marketplace for shopping. Will not mistake to determine a whole lot number of kinds, shades and fashions in the shops, think of that person search and the entire body design and choose to get the garments for you.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

FUR-rocious PETA renames the Olsen twins to Hairy Kate & Trashley

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen released a $16,900 fur patchwork backpack. I think they were rebounding from The Row's alligator backpack, which despite the $34,000 price tag flew off the shelves. I doubt they imagined they would end up as stars of PETA's Full House of Horrors video.
See more at peta2.com

The two essential elements of infringement are copying and improper appropriation.
Wondering why PETA may get away with making this video although the creators of Full House (likely) did not agree to such use? Well, copying is permissible if it is excused through a defense like fair use (discussed here), independent creation or if only unprotectable elements are copied. 

Here, PETA's Trollsen twins campaign is a clear parody.* If you think PETA, in all of its fur fury, may have taken too much of the orginal Full House show I want to point you to when 2 Live Crew did a parody of Roy Orbison's "Oh, Pretty Woman."**

The bloody mess of a dress is definitely a Carrie at Prom look but also somewhat of a July 4th look. So, if you have to go to work and you're wondering what to wear to celebrate July 4th, perhaps my PETA styling will motivate you.
Ashley Olsen styled by Fashion Blawger via PETA
On PETA's site, hovering over the items that are dripping blood tells you how the animals died

Okay, aside from looking like a zombie, Ashley Olsen Trashley looks like she had an unfortunate surprise from every woman's favorite monthly visitor.

While styling Mary Kate Hairy Kate, I realized I previously sported a similar look:
Outfit details
Me: Gucci; M-K: Design by PETA   :)
Okay, I do not actually mean to poke fun of animals that are killed for fashion or promote the killing of animals. With so many things to worry about in life, I don't currently include animal rights issues on my plate--I just include animals on my dinner plates. But if you are into these issues, please feel free to school me on them!

Let me know what you think of PETA's campaign!

Here's the mess of a bag that got PETA all worked up against the twins:

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*A parody makes fun of an original work by imitating and distorting it; audience must recognize the connection between the parody and the original, which requires some copying of the original
** The court held that even though 2 Live Crew’s parody took the first line of lyrics and characteristic opening bass riff from the original and therefore made the heart of the original the heart of the parody, this was purposely done “to purloin a substantial portion of the essence of the original” Campbell, 510 U.S. at 587

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Petite Fashion Challenge #17

Candy Colorized
This month's challenge is hosted by SewPetiteGal.

The challenge:
Take a bowl full of colorful candies (M&Ms, Jolly Ranchers, jelly beans, etc.), close your eyes, and draw 2-3 pieces.  Now use those colors (+ a neutral of your choosing) to form the basis for your ensemble.
The candy:
I am more of a chocolate girl so I had to stock up on candy for this challenge and was happy to renew my Jelly Belly fever. 
Candy in Hermès twilly boxes
For chances of bolder color I chose different Jelly Belly bags and Skittles before picking one candy from each container.

The random selection:
The challenge was to draw 2-3 candy pieces to mix with a neutral of your choice with extra cool points if you did a DIY element. I chose 4 candies plus a neutral, so brace yourself...

The color comparison:
Check out the candies with the colors they inspired:


The outfit:
...Tadaa! I think that describing my outfit would make it seem crazier than it looks. 

Does your work wardrobe reflect that the world is full of color

Depending on the work environment and dress code, I could definitely see myself wearing an outfit like this to work beyond Easter office attire. Why? The silhouette works. If you imagine this look in a grayscale, you can see the shapes are office appropriate.

The neutral:
Yes, I went with a cobalt blue as my neutral shade. Usually a navy is more of a neutral but with this rainbow outfit I think a cooler shade of blue might just draw more attention. Although adding this blue to my already colorful outfit might seem like overkill, I think it works!

Passion tea lemonade, yum!

Outfit details:
Amrita Singh necklace, J Crew dress, J Crew flats
Chanel purse, Mango sweater, Hermès twilly, Rolex
Some ways to wear a twilly scarf: 

as a bow on your head or tied on your wrist:

alone as a belt:

A single one as a belt and a second tied as a bow:

I love that this dress has pockets!! The fit got a little loose throughout the day so I am not happy about the fit in these pictures. Still, thank you for letting me share. 

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dress in a lawyerly fashion

Le Smoking is the original "borrowed from the boys" look, created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1966.

These timeless tuxedos were exclusively worn by men with power until YSL came along. These have fallen out of favor daily wear even amongst the crème de la crème. Still, I think an attorney should not leave all the 3-piece suits or tuxedos for defendants... of course we ought to leave all of the polyester ones alone for the pimps.

I was a girl scout so I believe in always being prepared. As a teen, my "being prepared" motto covered having a nail repair kit in my purse (you never know when impromptu rock climbing or intensive shopping might chip your nail). Now I manipulate this motto into sartorial splendor: a lady must shop for clothes for occasions that may come up. Besides, if you buy it the occasion will come a la Field of Dreams.
I have heard that some law students go through their first year of law school without a suit. I think lawsuits--err, suits are just as important as laptops. Budget a quality suit into your loans. My first suggestion is Theory suiting. The quality is good, they offer free tailoring, and the cuts are classic. It is not at all that I am against cheaper clothing, as long as it is cheaper in price--not quality. I shop with longevity in mind so quality and classic looks are important to me. I will splurge on designer items but I definitely love well made affordable pieces and will not buy something just because it is designer if it is made of low quality. 

Have you bought a designer item that did not live up to your expected quality? 
Classic cap toe pumps
I came into law school ready to suit up at a moment's notice. I was 14 when I got my first suit because I was working in a professional environment. Since I was less than 100 pounds and just 5 feet tall, I had to get all my work clothes tailored. The fit of my professional attire looked so much better than my velour sweatsuits and made me feel so polished and grown up that I was immediately hooked. So it is hard for me to imagine not having even one suit in my wardrobe.

When did (or will) you get your first suit? 

See what this little charmer is wearing? The look is not only timeless but ageless too! 
A quality navy suit was a smart splurge for me because the pieces are versatile for work and casual attire, the color goes well with my natural or (spray) tanned skin, and the look is timeless. I feel the same way about all of the pieces in my look here. 

Outfit details:
YSL Le Smoking
Haute Hippie blouse
Banana Republic tank
Chanel heels
Rolex watch
Hermes Birkin

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Infringement for the love of fashion

Consider this another one of my educational intellectual property posts. The take away is similar to my previous fashion law posts: in fashion, imitation can be seen as infringement--not flattery.

I found these blinged out iPhone cases on an Etsy's seller's page and made a collage out of them for your viewing pleasure. From the looks of it, the seller, slave2beauty, is truly talented. Unfortunately, these glam cases are okay for personal use but turning a profit on someone else's intellectual property? Not so okay.
I am reposting these images under my Fair Use rights, not to be confused with copyright infringement! 
How do these cases tie into intellectual property (IP) issues, and particularly fashion law?
Well, if you have not guessed it, trademark law is implicated here.

I wonder how long this user will make these cases before receiving a cease and desist letter*. Not long if someone forwards my blog post to Mr. Pantalony (the lawyer who sent U Penn Law School a cease and desist). Slave2beauty opened up shop March 6, 2012 so it is likely that her work just has not yet come to the attention of relevant IP owners. I think Louis Vuitton and Lady Gaga rigorously police their brands, so the death of these cute infringing phone accessories may come soon.

Would you buy accessories like these even though they do not support the brand owner? 

I am not afraid to say that I report on counterfeiters all the time. Maybe one day I will get paid for it too! ;) Lucky for Etsy companies, Etsy asks that claims of infringement be signed by the IP owner or person authorized to act on behalf of the owner, which is on par with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

I do not feel badly about the infringer getting stopped from profiting off of these works but I do wish there were more flexibility in the fashion world, wherein a person like this Etsy seller could easily pitch ideas of these creations to brands. It is just that allowing/licensing people to trademarks is dangerous for brands. It is dangerous because brands may lose track of how their trademarks are being used and even if they develop a contract with a second user, wherein the IP owner is not liable for torts arising from the second user's products, the IP owner can get a tarnished image from bad use. Also, if trademark owners do not exercise quality control they lose their trademarks.

A trademark owner who wants to license use of IP must also be careful that the second user will not be considered a franchisee. A franchising relationship would be bad for the IP owner because it is difficult to get out of such a channel relationship: If a court determines that it is a franchise agreement, it is hard not to renew the contract when it expires. A front-end negative consequence of a determination that a franchise agreement exists is that the trademark owner is supposed to provide the franchisee with  an offering circular with all risks. The IP owner can get in trouble for not providing proper franchising material.

Although this Etsy seller might think she is paying homage to popular brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, MAC cosmetics, Swarvoski and Lady Gaga, using these trademarks without permission of the trademark owner is trademark infringement.

Any of these aforementioned brands can bring a successful lawsuit against someone making products like this Etsy user. Let's say the user thinks she is not doing anything wrong because she is not actually making a counterfeit of an existing item. To that, I say trademark infringement is not synonymous with counterfeit. When a trademark is used in connection with products or services in a way that may lead a viewer to think the product is connected to the brand the possibility of a problem exists. The person doing the buying does not have to be the party being tricked. Like with these phone cases, the people buying from Etsy most likely realize the lack of connection to the designer. Yet someone who sees this case in use by another person may mistaken the case for being one made by the brand. If quality is a problem then the viewer may falsely attach the negative quality with the brand. On the other hand, if the brand sells or wants to cell such accessories the products pictured above might compete with the brand. This is one of those situations where ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

Do you agree that products like these hurt the brand owners? 

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*a cease and desist letter is a notice sent by the IP owner or representative to stop use of IP. See this post.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Petite Fashion Challenge #16

Dressing for a Summer Wedding

This month's challenge is hosted by Petite on a Penny.

The challenge:
Create an outfit for a summer wedding (the dress code is up to you). For bonus points (and this is what I'll be doing!) try to make your whole outfit, head to toe, come in under $100!
Although my blog is focused on fashion law and career attire, I excuse myself from professional dress with these challenges. So, I am showing a few looks!

This is the first year I have had more than a handful of friends ask me for advice on what to wear as guests to upcoming weddings. I shutter to think that it is because I am approaching "that age" when you are supposed to be married. Being a career focused woman, and trained in the law nonetheless, marriage and popping out babies just is not something on my mind. I will just fall back on remembering that most of my friends are a decade older than me ;-)

The weddings I have attended were very formal so I am taking this challenge as a chance to play around with less formal looks... Dress code a la resort formal or cocktail attire.

Wedding Look #1:
My default is usually a long halter top black dress; however, I intend on changing this because I have heard from different sources that some cultures see all black as bad luck. To not seem as if you are hoping ill will on the happy couple, go for a dress with pattern.

Of course do not forget to do a dance test. Below I am attempting to see whether this dress lends itself to a night of dancing. For one you cannot tell that I am trying to dance here, you probably would not be able to tell if you saw me twitching on the dance floor a la Eileen in Seinfeld either...
 A dress like this one here gives off a romantic vibe since the colors tie in a floral theme. -Because is it just me or is this dress reminiscent of rose petals?

As when dressing normally for work, do not be afraid to accessorize your dress. Cinching in your waist is always a good thing! Even with this leather sash belt that does not necessarily 'match' my dress, the cinching fixes up the bagginess from above.
As for my handbag option, I like to go for a clutch or small purse with interesting chain. This one here holds my iPhone, lipgloss, car keys, small compact, and card case with room to spare.

Outfit details:
Robert Rodriguez dress, Christian Louboutin knot wedges,
Bottega Veneta knot clutch, Rolex watch 

Wedding Look #2:
Just like you should aim not to be offensive in a color that may be deemed as causing bad luck, you should try not to wear a dress in the color that the bride will don unless she invites you to do so or okays it beforehand. If you are the date of a guest I say stick to a more conservative approach on dress choice when it comes to cut, color, and style. 

In most American or European weddings the bride will likely wear white so be free to be the lady in red. Also, keep in mind that a Chinese bride may likely wear red.
The color red for a Chinese wedding represents good luck, good fortune, and happiness. That being said it might sound like a good idea to wear red to a wedding but it is most likely that the bride will be in this color, so, opt for a different color. I think it is best to play it safe rather than being seen as trying to steal or share the spotlight with the bride.
The red color and crumb catcher are fun and girly. The crossed back design further gives the dress a young girly feel. For petites this look is dangerous, because it can make us look young! To combat the extremely youthful appearance I opt for Louboutins and a Parisian-esque cat eye.

Outfit details:
Kirribilla dress (here, similar here), Bottega Veneta knot clutch,
Christian Louboutin no prive slingback heels, Rolex watch

Wedding Look #3:
Attending the wedding of a beloved frenemy? Want to steal the show? Then dress in all white and twirl around during the ceremony! -Just kidding, of course.
I had a friend who only wore white to weddings (as a guest!). I had to defriend her just in case I ever have a wedding. J/k, kinda. Anyway, I do not see why people go for off-white or white gowns when they know the bride will be in this color. -Keep in mind that even a traditional Chinese bride may opt for one of her dress changes to be into a white one.
This dress is actually an example of what is inappropriate for a wedding. A dress like this would draw negative attention in any color. The material is right but this dress is just too revealing for a wedding. Do not be that girl who tries to find a man at a wedding. It is weird and desperate but if it happens let it happen in appropriate attire.

Outfit details:
Silk jersey dress from French boutique
Steve Madden heels, Buxom "cherry flip" lip cream

Are you married or planning on it? Would you be okay with someone wearing the same colored dress as you?

General Tips:
  • If you are unsure of the dress code, ASK! 
    • Sticking out and being yourself is always good but try not to stand out for the wrong reasons.
  • Opt for comfortable shoes. 
    • Dancing the night away is fun and encouraged. Help make that wedding video capture fun memories by busting a move on the dance floor.
  • When in doubt a wrap dress with classic jewelry can save you!
  • It is a wedding, not a nightclub. Your makeup should reflect this difference.

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