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Petite Fashion Challenge #16

Dressing for a Summer Wedding

This month's challenge is hosted by Petite on a Penny.

The challenge:
Create an outfit for a summer wedding (the dress code is up to you). For bonus points (and this is what I'll be doing!) try to make your whole outfit, head to toe, come in under $100!
Although my blog is focused on fashion law and career attire, I excuse myself from professional dress with these challenges. So, I am showing a few looks!

This is the first year I have had more than a handful of friends ask me for advice on what to wear as guests to upcoming weddings. I shutter to think that it is because I am approaching "that age" when you are supposed to be married. Being a career focused woman, and trained in the law nonetheless, marriage and popping out babies just is not something on my mind. I will just fall back on remembering that most of my friends are a decade older than me ;-)

The weddings I have attended were very formal so I am taking this challenge as a chance to play around with less formal looks... Dress code a la resort formal or cocktail attire.

Wedding Look #1:
My default is usually a long halter top black dress; however, I intend on changing this because I have heard from different sources that some cultures see all black as bad luck. To not seem as if you are hoping ill will on the happy couple, go for a dress with pattern.

Of course do not forget to do a dance test. Below I am attempting to see whether this dress lends itself to a night of dancing. For one you cannot tell that I am trying to dance here, you probably would not be able to tell if you saw me twitching on the dance floor a la Eileen in Seinfeld either...
 A dress like this one here gives off a romantic vibe since the colors tie in a floral theme. -Because is it just me or is this dress reminiscent of rose petals?

As when dressing normally for work, do not be afraid to accessorize your dress. Cinching in your waist is always a good thing! Even with this leather sash belt that does not necessarily 'match' my dress, the cinching fixes up the bagginess from above.
As for my handbag option, I like to go for a clutch or small purse with interesting chain. This one here holds my iPhone, lipgloss, car keys, small compact, and card case with room to spare.

Outfit details:
Robert Rodriguez dress, Christian Louboutin knot wedges,
Bottega Veneta knot clutch, Rolex watch 

Wedding Look #2:
Just like you should aim not to be offensive in a color that may be deemed as causing bad luck, you should try not to wear a dress in the color that the bride will don unless she invites you to do so or okays it beforehand. If you are the date of a guest I say stick to a more conservative approach on dress choice when it comes to cut, color, and style. 

In most American or European weddings the bride will likely wear white so be free to be the lady in red. Also, keep in mind that a Chinese bride may likely wear red.
The color red for a Chinese wedding represents good luck, good fortune, and happiness. That being said it might sound like a good idea to wear red to a wedding but it is most likely that the bride will be in this color, so, opt for a different color. I think it is best to play it safe rather than being seen as trying to steal or share the spotlight with the bride.
The red color and crumb catcher are fun and girly. The crossed back design further gives the dress a young girly feel. For petites this look is dangerous, because it can make us look young! To combat the extremely youthful appearance I opt for Louboutins and a Parisian-esque cat eye.

Outfit details:
Kirribilla dress (here, similar here), Bottega Veneta knot clutch,
Christian Louboutin no prive slingback heels, Rolex watch

Wedding Look #3:
Attending the wedding of a beloved frenemy? Want to steal the show? Then dress in all white and twirl around during the ceremony! -Just kidding, of course.
I had a friend who only wore white to weddings (as a guest!). I had to defriend her just in case I ever have a wedding. J/k, kinda. Anyway, I do not see why people go for off-white or white gowns when they know the bride will be in this color. -Keep in mind that even a traditional Chinese bride may opt for one of her dress changes to be into a white one.
This dress is actually an example of what is inappropriate for a wedding. A dress like this would draw negative attention in any color. The material is right but this dress is just too revealing for a wedding. Do not be that girl who tries to find a man at a wedding. It is weird and desperate but if it happens let it happen in appropriate attire.

Outfit details:
Silk jersey dress from French boutique
Steve Madden heels, Buxom "cherry flip" lip cream

Are you married or planning on it? Would you be okay with someone wearing the same colored dress as you?

General Tips:
  • If you are unsure of the dress code, ASK! 
    • Sticking out and being yourself is always good but try not to stand out for the wrong reasons.
  • Opt for comfortable shoes. 
    • Dancing the night away is fun and encouraged. Help make that wedding video capture fun memories by busting a move on the dance floor.
  • When in doubt a wrap dress with classic jewelry can save you!
  • It is a wedding, not a nightclub. Your makeup should reflect this difference.

♥ Thanks for reading and supporting my blog! 

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