Sunday, April 1, 2012

Blog celebration time

Blog milestone!

Dear readers, I am so happy to announce I have made it pass the 100 follower hurdle.

Thank you all for your continued support and for helping me grow my blog! 
I am so happy to announce that I have reached this blogger milestone of over 100 followers on Google Friend Connect (GFC). I hit 100 followers a while ago counting Bloglovin' but since GFC is what shows on my blog's homepage (on the side dashboard) it is the number that is cause for celebration. 

Now, I have to figure out what my first blog giveaway will be! All I have decided is that this giveaway will be open to all* public GFC followers who enter when I officially announce it.

 Readers, have you ever won a blogger giveaway? 
 Bloggers, what was your first blog giveaway? 

♥ Thanks for reading and supporting my blog! 

*all includes participants from any country, in compliance with your local laws. 

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