Saturday, May 26, 2012

What to wear for Memorial Day

Keep a little spring in your step during the holiday weekend by wearing colorful shoes.

A red, white, and blue color scheme is just as predictable for memorial day as it is for independence day but that is because it is patriotic and works! You cannot go wrong with these colors. But if you want to change it up, go monochromatic this year. Need to wear less? You can change my red nails, white purse, and blue shoes for red lips, white bikini, and blue skies.

This dress is extremely comfortable, affordable, and petite friendly. This dress is spacey throughout the bust so it works well to camouflage a fuller chest or accommodate broad shoulders. I did not mind the sleeves so much since they helped protect me from the sun but I am thinking of removing the sleeves.

I hope to one day have a large boutique-style walk in closet where I can display shoes as art. You see, I like the curves of sexy stilettos but I would prefer to display them because I do not like to torture my feet.

How quickly can you walk in heels compared to when you walk in flats? 

Here I am caught in flats. Truthfully, I am almost never in stilettos. I like to walk fast and high heels slow me down! Also, if I will be grilling or barbecuing, comfortable shoes are a must for me.

Outfit details:
Old Navy faux-wrap dress
Christian Louboutin heels
Foldable Fendi flats
White python Gucci purse
Submariner Rolex with blue face
Kate Spade bangle
YSL arty ring

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